It has Never been
so simple exchange
At Cardano

Cardance is a project that wants to solve one of the biggest problems
caused by decentralization: Usability! And thereby bring more and more new users

A Decentralized


Swap, earn, stack yields, lend, borrow, leverage all
on one decentralized, community driven platform.

Ownership & Profits

Payment of profits from operations to DANCE holders

Order Book

Partial order execution increasing transaction volume

Assets Staking

Staking NFTs, Tokens, and of course, DANCE

Powerful App
To exchange

We are developing a powerful application to buy and sell Tokens on Cardano in an extremely easy way. Making joining Cardano tokens as smooth as a beautiful dance step.

We make it easy for you, so that
all you have to worry about is
what matters. You.

Exchange or Staking Tokens



A good dance is done one step at a time,
and just as in ballet, perfection is important.

01 JETÉ | Ignition

The first era of Cardance is about establishing the foundations of the project, identifying if the pains of the users are effectively the pains that were raised at the beginning of the project, and adapting it if necessary. It is also the moment where the beginning of the integration with the network is developed, where the focus is on the technological structuring, being transparent with the way we developed to gain trust from our community and mainly focusing on actions and functionalities to attract the community. This era is also a moment where to attract enthusiasts and together with them grow to a large community within the Cardano network.


Create a simple means of communication, establishing contact with the first enthusiasts, and thereby increasing the amount of people who know Caredance.


Developing the Token Dance along with its branding and putting it on the market by establishing and collecting resources to create the first liquid pool in DEX partner.


Developing an interface that is easy to use by most users is not an easy task, it often requires a trial and error format. In this era is the time when we will work on developing the initial interfaces, the first beta versions of Cardance will be created in this phase.


It will be possible to perform Dance staking just by holding the token in the wallet.